Who and What is the Mayor Pro Tem?


At the start of each new year, Doraville's City Council votes to appoint a new Mayor Pro Tempore. This year at the January 10th Council meeting, Council Member Gerald Evans was unanimously elected as the City's Mayor Pro Tempore for 2024.

The position of Mayor Pro Tempore, also referred to as Mayor Pro Tem, and the crucial role they occupy is not widely understood. As our current Mayor Pro Tem, Council Member Evans, will be stepping into some of his duties this month we wanted to provide more information on what exactly a Mayor Pro Tem is and does.

The Mayor Pro Tem is an individual selected by their fellow council members to serve as a stand-in or deputy for the Mayor in their absence. This allows for continuity in leadership and decision-making within our city council. They serve in this role for one year. This is Council Member Evans' second time serving as Mayor Pro Tem, having previously taken over the position from former Council Member Rebekah Cohen Morris in 2022.

Doraville's Mayor Pro Tem takes on duties like presiding over council meetings during the Mayor's absence. As Mayor Geierman would during meetings, our Mayor Pro Tem, Council Member Evans, will ensure the council's discussion proceeds smoothly, rules are followed, and decisions are made in accordance with our established procedures. As you tune into and attend our council meetings this month, you will see Council Member Evans serving in this role.

Despite the Mayor Pro Tem position often being a lesser-known position, they play a vital role in helping to ensure the smooth functioning of our City’s government.