Permit PSA

What needs a Permit?

What needs a permit?

¿Esto necesita un permiso?

허가가 필요합니까?

Apply for a PermitWatch this tutorial on how to apply.

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Review Times*
First Submittal: 10 business days

Resubmittal: 5 business days

Review Process
All projects require plan review by the City. Depending on the elements of your project, it may also require review by Dekalb County or other relevant agencies. If your project requires review by Dekalb County or other agencies, the City will provide you a routing sheet.

Once your project has been approved by any other required agencies, please provide the stamped plans or other approval documents to the City.

Once plans have been reviewed and approved, fees will be assessed and added to your permit.
You may pay your fees online or in person.**

Click here to see the most recently adopted fee schedule and estimate your fees.

NOTE: A $50 administrative fee will be added to all permits, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

* This assumes your application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
** Payments over the phone will not be accepted.
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Residential Permit Requirements + Cheat Sheets9 documents

  • Additions
    document Header Additions
  • Carports
    document Header Carports
  • Emergency Repairs
    document Header Emergency Repairs
  • Example Supporting Material for Driveways
    document Header Example Supporting Material for Driveways
  • Fences
    document Header Fences
  • Garages
    document Header Garages
  • Sheds
    document Header Sheds
  • What needs a permit?
    document Header What needs a permit?
  • ┬┐Esto necesita un permiso?
    document Header ┬┐Esto necesita un permiso?

Affidavits6 documents

  • Authorized Permit Agent Form
    document Header Authorized Permit Agent Form
  • General Contractor Affidavit
    document Header General Contractor Affidavit
  • Homeowner Declaration Affidavit
    document Header Homeowner Declaration Affidavit
  • Photovoltaic Tree Affidavit
    document Header Photovoltaic Tree Affidavit
  • Property Owner Authorization Affidavit
    document Header Property Owner Authorization Affidavit
  • Subcontractor Affidavit
    document Header Subcontractor Affidavit

Forms2 documents

  • Application for New Third Party Reviewers + Inspectors
    document Header Application for New Third Party Reviewers + Inspectors
  • Third Party Review/Inspection Form
    document Header Third Party Review/Inspection Form

Third Party Reviewers + Inspectors3 documents

  • Community Solutions by Design
    document Header Community Solutions by Design
  • Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc.
    document Header Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc.
  • SAFEbuilt Georgia, LLC
    document Header SAFEbuilt Georgia, LLC

Other Permit Applications1 document

  • Right of Way Encroachment Permit Application
    document Header Right of Way Encroachment Permit Application