In order to maintain safety standards in accordance with the state mandated minimum guidelines and the Ordinances adopted by the City Council, the Community Development Department conducts inspections of building and development throughout the city. These inspections are designed to protect citizens, the environment and maintain a level of safety for the city. Some inspections may be conducted virtually.
Schedule An Inspection
Click here to schedule an inspection. If you have not yet registered with Cloudpermit, you will need to do so before you can schedule any submit any inspection requests by 4pm for next-day inspections. Specific inspection times may not be requested, unless otherwise arranged directly with the inspector.

Same-day inspection request are not accepted.

If you have additional questions concerning your permit, please contact contact the Permit Technician at or by calling City Hall. Specify the property address and permit number in the subject bar of the email.

Remote Inspections
In order to provide improved customer service and in the interest of the safety of our residents and staff, the City of Doraville is utilizing remote inspections for certain residential permits, including water heater and HVAC replacements. Upon installation completion, the installing technician, not the property owner, must schedule a remote inspection to be conducted while the technician is still on site.

Instructions for obtaining a remote inspection are as follows:

  1. Schedule an inspection online using our inspections portal.
  2. The inspector will call you via video app, (Facetime, WhatsApp, etc) to commence the inspection.
  3. Make sure is nothing obstructing the view of the equipment.
  4. Start on the outside of the structure with the address as your initial view, followed by a view of your permit.
  5. The inspector will instruct you on what he/she wants to look at during the inspection.
    Note: Video that is dark or unclear or poor service will result in a failed inspection result and will need to be resubmitted.
Note: Video that is dark or unclear or poor service will result in a failed inspection result and will need to be resubmitted.

Third Party Inspectors + Reviewers
The State of Georgia allows applicants seeking permits to utilize third party inspectors and reviewers, rather than the City's inspectors. Those interested in serving as a third party inspectors or reviewers must complete the application below and submit it to the Department of Planning and Community Development for review. Only those parties that have been approved may conduct reviews and inspections.

Multifamily Inspection Program
In 2014, the City of Doraville passed an ordinance that requires multi-family rental dwellings of four (4) or more units to be inspected for compliance with adopted codes. The multi-family inspection program is designed to preserve property values, promote economic vitality and crime prevention, and ensure safe, healthy, and clean environments; and promote ongoing investment in upkeep and maintenance.

See the bottom of this page for lists of current inspectors. Refer to Sec. 5-72 of the Code of Ordinances for more information.

Required Inspections
X" indicates inspection required.
Work Type New Construction Renovation or Addition
Temporary power pole X X
Wall/steel (basement/retaining wall) X  
Footings/slab X X
Concrete encased grounding electrode X  
Plumbing slab X  
Plumbing/electrical slab   X
Sheathing X  
Framing/sprinkler/roughs X X - combination
Gypsum board - fire rated assemblies X X
Temporary to permanent power X  
Gas pressure X X - if new piping installed
Energy/insulation X X
Final inspections X X
Land Disturbance
Weekly inspections and final inspection X
Residential New Construction Renovation or Addition
Temporary power pole X X
Wall/steel (basement/retaining wall) X X
Footings/slab X X
Concrete encased grounding electrode X X
Plumbing slab X X
Sheathing X X
Framing/sprinkler/roughs X - combination X - combination
Temporary to permanent power X X
Gas pressure X X
Energy/insulation/air sealing - 3rd party duct blast/blower door test approval X X
Final inspections - site, building, zoning X X
Accessory structures X
Appliance replacement of permanent devices, e.g. AC unit X
Appliance replacement using plug-in device  
Plumbing repair or replacement: No changes to plumbing or piping  
Plumbing repair or replacement: Changes to plumbing or piping X
Driveway repairs, resurfacing, and replacement  
Driveway enlargement X
Ductwork replacement X
Electrical circuit work X
Exterior building façade changes with no changes to doors/windows or structure  
Fence over 7' X
Fence repair including posts  
Fireplace or wood burning stove, new, not electrical plug-in X
Flagpole (max. 15 ft) X
Garage door repair or replacement  
Gas piping X
Interior remodel including drywall/electrical/mechanical/plumbing/framing X
Interior remodel limited to painting/tile/carpet/trim  
Patio deck, new construction or structural repair X
Patio deck repairs, non-structural  
Retaining walls  48" or higher X
Roof repairs (shingle or decking replacement)  
Structural changes to roof X
Solar panel installation X
Swimming pool installation/removal X
Water heater replacement X
Window/door installation requiring structural alterations X
Permanent under 30 sq ft  
Permanent over 30 sq ft X
Electrical X
Plumbing X
HVAC/gas X
Low voltage X
Fire sprinkler/fire line X
Alarm/detection X
Hood suppression X
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