Request For Veteran's Marker

This form is to be used to request a memorial marker for a deceased veteran of the armed service. For more information see below. All requests should be e-mailed to Public Works Superintendent, Shane Mitchell, at

  • I understand that this marker will be placed where the City deems appropriate and that I may not request special placement. The City may, at its discretion, move markers to different areas.
  • I understand and agree that if I physically modify, relocate or otherwise alter the appearance or location of the marker, the marker may no longer be displayed and I may forfeit my ability to make a future applications.
  • I understand and agree that markers will only be made and displayed for those persons where proof of enlistment or commission in the United States military is provided.
  • I understand and agree that displays such as flowers, bows, etc. may be placed on the marker while on display, but any mementos will be discarded when the marker is placed in storage.
  • Marker requests will be reviewed annually to ensure the requester still resides with the City. If the requester has moved, the marker will be removed.
  • Markers will be constructed in a uniform fashion and placed one week before the holiday and remain for at least one day after the holiday. Only American flags will be flown.
  • For additional assistance or to check on your request status, Please call Public Works at 470-294-2486
  1. Person Being Honored Must Be Deceased;
  2. Person Being Honored Must Have Served In The United States Armed Forces From The Period Of WWI To The Present Day, But Not Necessarily In Conflict; Requestor Must Provide Proof (DD214, Awards, Service Record) Of Honoree’s Service. For Proof, Visit Http://Vetrecs.Archives.Gov/
  3. The Person Requesting The Marker Must Live One Year Within The Corporate City Limits Of Doraville.
  4. There Is A Lifetime Limit Of Five Requests Per Person.
  5. Honoree Must Be A Family Relative To The Requestor Either By Blood Or Marriage

CostA One-Time Donation Of $100 Is Suggested For The Initial Installation And Ongoing Maintenance Of The Requested Marker.