Remote Inspections For Residential PropertiesRemote inspections are an alternative to on-site inspections, and allows City staff to perform building inspections without more efficiently in certain scenarios. This eliminates the need for repeat visits by inspectors, shortening the timeline for homeowners, contractors, and City staff.

  • Remote inspections are only permitted at residential properties.
  • All remote inspections will be conducted with the contractor or technician performing the installation.
  • If an issue is found during the inspection, the contractor or technician may make the necessary corrections immediately.
Note:  Tree permits for any impacted trees will not be issued until review of the site plan is complete.
Third Party Inspectors + Reviewers
The State of Georgia allows applicants seeking permits to utilize third party inspectors and reviewers, rather than the City's inspectors. Those interested in serving as a third party inspectors or reviewers must complete the application below and submit it to the Department of Planning and Community Development for review. Only those parties that have been approved may conduct reviews and inspections.

Multifamily Inspection Program