Adopt -A -Plot

Doraville aims to provide an attractive, safe, clean, green and healthy environment. It wants to attract visitors and investors alike and a clean environment with well-kept, natural open spaces, parks and a well-maintained, right of ways is a strong place to start.

The Adopt-a-Plot program allows an individual, family, or group of individuals from the community to adopt a specific park, specific location in a large park, or a specific public location to clean up debris and remove litter. The Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Department will provide rubbish bags and collect the litter bags after the cleanup. The department will also create, manufacture and erect a sign(s) recognizing the Adopter.

The policy is designed to encourage the community to work hands-on to help keep the City’s parks and other green areas clean, safe and attractive through debris removal through various groups of individuals as Participants.

Example of potential plots include: An entire park, trail or particular area, including: Playgrounds, Flower beds, Trees and shrubs, Sports fields, Courts, Exercise equipment, Right-of-Ways

Example of how to care for a plot: Litter removal, Sweeping courts and pathways, Raking leaves, Reporting hazards, Removing graffiti, Pulling weeds, Cultivating flower beds, trees and shrubs.

Anyone may participate by completing an Adopt-A-Plot application form here. Copies of the application are also available at Forest Fleming Arena, City Hall, 

An interested Adopter may also contact the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Department directly to inquire about additional details directly to inquire about additional details and whether the Plot the Adopter is interested in, is available.