Comprehensive Plan

2022-2042 Comprehensive PlanThe 2022-2042 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Doraville City Council on October 20, 2021.

2022-2042 Comprehensive Plan

2042 Comp PlanThis update to our Comprehensive Plan builds on the previous plan developed with the assistance of a consultant team in 2016. It represents a five-year check-in required by Georgia’s local planning rules that is centered around reevaluating key elements rather than overhauling the plan. The 2021 update process largely reaffirms but in some cases adjusts the tone and direction documented in the 2016 plan.

The City’s next chapter furthers its unique cultural diversity, found within its large foreign-born population and ethnic restaurants; envisions a new mixed-use dynamic within its core; plans streets for all users; maintains and enhances its single-family neighborhoods; rehabilitates and manages natural resources; and develops the City’s arts and culture ecosystem. Past annexation of industrial land, combined with planned redevelopment in the city’s core and at other key nodes, will promote a balanced tax base while creating a more livable and vibrant community. Community members are eager to see this unfold.

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