Municipal Elections

The City of Doraville will hold a Special Election in November 2024 to fill an open seat in District 1, Post 2.

 2024 General Primary/Nonpartisan Election Key Dates

The City Clerk is the qualifying officer for the City of Doraville and citizens interested in qualifying to run for Mayor or City Council must:

  • Be 18 years of age.
  • Must be a resident of the City of Doraville for at least one (1) year preceding the date of the election.
  • If elected, they must continue to live within Doraville during their period of service.
  • Be registered and qualified to vote in the City of Doraville


Running for Elected Office

The qualifying fee for the Mayor is $540 and $432 for Council Members. This amount is three (3) percent of the total gross salary of the preceding year (Georgia Election Code 21-2-131(a)(1)(A)). 

Each candidate shall file a Notice of Candidacy in the office of the City Clerk of Doraville, 3725 Park Avenue, Doraville, GA 30340 when the qualifying period opens in the election year. (Georgia Election Code 21-2-132(d)(4)). Each candidate must meet the qualifications of the Charter and Code of the City of Doraville, as well as applicable State laws.

The City Clerk serves as the qualifying officer for the City of Doraville.

Prior to qualifying, anyone interested in running must file a Declaration of Intent to Accept Campaign Contributions with the City Clerk before they can accept monetary or in-kind contributions. 

Candidate Resources

In addition, the person must file their notice of candidacy affidavit as prescribed by the Georgia Election Code along with complying with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission

Georgia Municipal Association

Find Your Polling Place

Visit the Georgia Secretary of State website’s “My Voter Page” to locate your polling location.

Absentee Ballot

The State of Georgia allows absentee voting by mail and in person. Register for an absentee ballot on the Georgia Secretary of State website.

Conducting Elections

The City Clerk is responsible for various election-related tasks such as preparing and publishing election ads, approving the ballot proof, verifying the official voter list, accepting the Notice of Candidacy for local office, and coordinating with the DeKalb County Elections Division to conduct Municipal Elections.

Questions? Please call the City Clerk at 770-451-8745 ext.221