Film Permits

We appreciate your interest in Filming in the City of Doraville!

Media Permit Requirements
To apply for a film permit, you need to complete and send us the following items, as applicable.

ALL applicants must submit/perform the following:

  • Complete a Public Location Agreement Form (when using a City facility).
  • Pay a deposit (Municipal Court, City Hall, Park, Facility, Public Road), a deposit of $350.00 needs to be provided.   
  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance Liability.

  • Hire off-duty officers.
    • When Doraville Police Department officers are needed for traffic control, assistance, etc., the producer agency should coordinate directly with Lieutenant John Kanupke at
  • Receive a permit from the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) for state routes.
    • Roads like Motors Industrial Way, Peachtree Boulevard, and Buford Highway require a DOT Film.
      • A permit for use of the right-of-way on all Georgia State Routes for film purposes is required. Permits are issued by the various District Traffic Operations Offices. If locations requested are in multiple Districts, a separate Permit must be issued for each District.  
      • More information can be found here.
      • GDOT Contact:  Michelle Meeks, Metro Atlanta District 7 Traffic Specialist, 770-216-3894 
  • Submit a filming request at least 30 days before filming if MARTA bus routes, bus stops, or transit stations will be affected during the project. 

Media Permit FeesEffective 10/01/2022, below is the City of Doraville fee schedule for media production. Film permit fees are nonrefundable.

Fee Schedule

Application Fee for Public or Private Property $25.00
Media Production Permit Daily Fee [includes prep/shoot/strike days] $100.00 per day
Park Facility or City Facility Daily Rental $500.00 per day
Police Services, with a minimum of three hours per officer $55.00 per hour, per officer
Rush fee (applicable to applications submitted in full of less than 3 working days' notice) $150
Fee for filming done without a permit 200 % of the original permit fee
Photography Permit, Annual  $100
Photography Permit, One-Day (application fee only)

Daily Lane & Sidewalk Closure Fee
Lane closure, less than 200 feet $150 per day
Lane closure, 200 feet or greater $200 per day
Full Lane closure $300 per day
Sidewalk closure Fees less than 200 feet $75 per day
Sidewalk closure Fees 200 feet or greater

$100 per day

Online Processing Fee
Online processing payment $4

City of Doraville Office Hours

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST Monday – Friday

A film permit shall be submitted three (3) working days in advance of the proposed preparation date. A rush fee shall be assessed to permits submitted with less than three working days of processing time. 

Public Facilities Map

Get in Touch with Us

Should you have any questions, please contact the following staff members:

Mayira Bunting, Business and Community Engagement 
Phone: 678-708-2480