Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement division is tasked with providing fair and consistent enforcement of the City’s property maintenance code as well as sign, zoning, and tree ordinances.

Mission StatementEnrich the community by protecting the health, safety, and quality of life of citizens through proactive, professional, and courteous enforcement of ordinances while encouraging education and fostering positive relations with community members.

Property StandardsAll property owners and occupants are responsible for maintaining their properties in accordance with certain standards. These standards are designed to protect the environment and maintain the appearance and property values within our city.

Types of Violations 
  •  Illegal construction (building permit required)
  •  Unlicensed business (occupational tax certificates are required for all businesses)
  • Zoning (rooming houses, overcrowding, junk vehicles, signage)
  • Property maintenance (high grass, outdoor storage, structural maintenance, trash)
 Code Enforcement Staff 
 Contact  Title
 Lizzie Humphreys  Director of Code Enforcement
 Meika LeBlanc  Code Enforcement Supervisor
 Deno Stephens  Code Enforcement Officer II
 Jovan Oliver  Code Enforcement Officer



Reporting Violations
Code hotline:     470-922-7499
Doraville OrdinancesArticle II. Property Maintenance Code 

2021 IPMC
2018 IPMC Amendments

Article III. Other Buildings Regulations

Refer to Code Sections 5-64 to 5-71
Sec. 5-64.        Maintenance of exterior of premises.
Sec. 5-65.        Appearance of exterior of premises and structures.
Sec. 5-65A.     Holiday decorations.
Sec. 5-66.        Landscaping.
Sec. 5-67.        Reconstructed walls and sidings.
Sec. 5-68.        General maintenance.
Sec. 5-69.        Structural maintenance.
Sec. 5-70.        Driveway limitations; maintenance.
Sec. 5-71.        Display of street addresses required.

Doraville Code of Ordinances on Municode