OTC Renewals

All businesses must renew their occupational tax certificate (OTC) annually to continue to do business in the City of Doraville.  

Renewals are issued from January 1st to December 31st.  Businesses can renew their OTC beginning in January of the following year.  An OTC renewal is considered late if it’s not renewed by March 31st of the following year.  

ABC Business was issued an OTC which was valid from 1/1/2023 to 12/31/2023.  The business can renew their OTC for 2024 as early as 1/1/2024.  The renewal is considered late if it is not submitted by 3/31/2024.

Renewing online through Cloudpermit

Existing businesses that were issued an OTC in the previous calendar year can renew their certificates by using the online Cloudpermit business licensing portal, delivering the completed renewal application to City Hall or submitting the application via email.  

Use of the online Cloudpermit portal is the most convenient and efficient way to submit your renewal and is strongly encouraged.  To access the portal, click HERE and register for an account.  Registration is simple and there is no charge to sign up for this service.

In this portal you can submit applications for new business OTC’s, renew your existing business OTC, communicate with City staff, make payments and stay updated on the status of your OTC as it goes through the review and approval process.

Additional Considerations

If any of the items listed below have occurred with your business, a NEW OTC APPLICATION must be completed.  A business cannot renew an OTC if any of the items below have occurred since your last renewal:  

  • change in ownership
  • change in business name
  • change in businesses location (another property or tenant suite)
  • change in business tenant space square footage
  • renewal application submitted six months after expiration of a valid certificate (June 30).

In each of these cases, a new OTC application must be submitted and approved. for business to be conducted.  For additional information on the application process, please visit our OCCUPATIONAL TAX CERTIFICATES (OTC) webpage.

Fee Payment

  • May 1st: Late fees will be charged to applications submitted after this date.
  • June 30: Applications submitted after this date, must submit a new OTC application form. Please note: grandfather status of an existing legal, non-conforming business may be lost after this date.

Other Ways to Renew

  • Renewal applications submitted via email should follow the process and include the items listed below.
  • Applications and questions can be emailed to businessservices@doravillega.us 
  • Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an email within 48 hours from the City confirming receipt.
  • Applications are not accepted via fax and incomplete forms or submissions may delay processing of your application. 

If you are submitting a renewal via email, provide the following information in the email to help process your submittal:
  • Emails should include the completed permit application (see below for forms) and documents listed below. 
  • The subject line of the email should read "OTC Renewal Application” and include the address of property.
  • The email should include your current contact information.  

Forms/Information (click on the forms)

Additional application forms are available to view/download on our website.  To view/download these forms click HERE.  

Refer to the application form for any additional items required to be submitted for RENEWAL.