Occupational Tax Certificates (OTC)

If you are a new business in the City of Doraville you are required to have a current Occupational Tax Certificate (OTC) in order to conduct business within city limits.  

Applicants can apply for an OTC by using the online Cloudpermit business licensing portal, delivering the completed application to City Hall or submitting the application via email.  

Once an application is received and all required documents have been submitted, it generally takes ten (10) business days to go through the review process.  

All businesses must renew their occupational tax certificate annually to continue to do business in the City of Doraville.  

Applying online through Cloudpermit

Use of the online Cloudpermit portal is the most convenient and efficient way to submit your OTC application and is strongly encouraged.  To access the portal, click HERE and register for an account.  Registration is simple and there is no charge to sign up for this service.

In this portal you can submit applications for new business OTC’s, renew your existing business OTC, communicate with City staff, make payments and stay updated on the status of your OTC as it goes through the review and approval process.

Additional Considerations

Any questions can be emailed to businessservices@doravillega.us 

Additional licensing/permitting requirements
Some businesses require additional licensing or approved permits prior to submitting an application for an Occupational Tax Certificate.

Examples of industries with these additional requirements include:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Service
  • Bonding Companies (Police Department)
  • Booting or Vehicle Immobilization (Police Department)
  • Escort Service
  • Labor Pool Companies
  • Massage Parlors
  • Pawnshops
  • Peddlers/ Hawkers
  • Precious Metal Dealers

Please refer to the Cloudpermit online portal system or the application for additional information.  


Business owners, property owners, lenders and prospective buyers can obtain written confirmation of property zoning prior to applying for an OTC.  

This information will provide zoning classifications, a general description of the zoning district, references to applicable zoning & overlay standards and the zoning history related to the current zoning entitlements (such as conditional use permits, conditions of re-zoning and variances).

Requests for this information can be emailed to permits@doravillega.us.


Upon obtaining zoning review approval from our Community Development Department, staff will contact you to schedule a life and safety inspection.  Home based businesses are not required to complete this life and safety inspection.  Additional information on this inspection can be found by clicking HERE.


Other Ways To Renew

Applications may be submitted via email. Applications submitted via email should follow the process and include the items listed below.   

Applications and questions can be emailed to businessservices@doravillega.us 

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an email within 48 hours from the City confirming receipt.

Applications are not accepted via fax and incomplete forms or submissions may delay the processing of your application. 

If you are submitting an application via email, provide the following information in the email to help process your submittal:

Emails should include the completed permit application (see below for forms) along with any required documentation if applicable. See application form for additional documents required with your applications. 

The subject line of email should read "New OTC Application” and include the address of property.

The email should include your current contact information.  

Forms/Information (click on the forms)

OTC Application Form (fillable form - save file to computer, fill out, save again, print, than email signed copy) 
OTC Formulario de Aplicación
NAICS Code List

Additional application forms are available to view/download on our website.  To view/download these forms click HERE.  

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