Public Art


The Art of Doraville
Doraville is seeking works of public art that reflect the spirit of the city of Doraville, its residents, and the current themes the city has chosen to focus on. These are themes that should act to inspire, engage, and motivate the artists working within the city of Doraville.

The overarching goal of the Doraville Public Art Master Plan is to increase the availability, accessibility, and quality of public art throughout the City of Doraville. Cities gain tremendous value from public art. It reflects the existing creativity of the local population, and promotes uniqueness and an increased sense of place within our community. People tend to want to move to places that are memorable, and support of the arts is one of the key ways to achieve this goal. By engaging in public art as a tool for growth and sustainability, communities can thrive economically.

Art Master Plan
The Art Master Plan was adopted by Council in January 2022. The Doraville Art Commission seeks to promote diversity, vitality, community, and transformation through creative displays of public art that champions local talent. We are now looking for businesses that want to provide space and/or funding for art such as murals, sculptures, and other public art forms.

CLICK HERE to read the Doraville Art Master Plan.

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Bernard Halpern mural_Jonesy - Copy