Leaf Collection Program

Street SweepingThe City of Doraville has a sweeper and leaf vacuum truck that runs on an as-needed basis for leaf and litter control on the local public streets. For concerns about excessive litter or other concerns about your street then please contact Public Works Department at 470-294-2486 or create a request using the Resident Problem Reporter portal, link here.

Leaf Collection ProgramThe City of Doraville will typically begin the curbside Leaf Collection Program in October and will continue through February, (barring any unforeseen circumstances). 

The goal of the Leaf Collection Program is to reduce leaf accumulation in city streets and minimize the potential for clogged storm drains. During the collection period, residents will continue to have the option of bagging their leaves to be collected by the sanitation crews for weekly collection on the same day as their trash and recycling collection. For curbside collection, residents are asked to rake the leaves near the curb in piles to be collected by Doraville Public Works with the leaf vacuum truck continuously during this collection period.

Curbside collection is done to assist in the reduction of leaves in city streets and storm drains, in addition to the normal collection of leaves by residents into biodegradable bags. Leaves will be collected with the leaf vacuum truck Monday through Friday weekly. Outside of the collection period, March through September, it is required that leaves be contained in paper biodegradable yard waste bags for pickup in conjunction with the regular sanitation collection schedule.

Help avoid problems:To better serve you, the City of Doraville asks that you avoid raking leaves into the street and instead create a pile of leaves near the curb and out of the roadway. Placing leaf piles in the roadway can cause many problems by:

  • Disrupting traffic – Many neighborhoods have narrow streets and on-street parking. Leaf piles extending into the roadway can limit parking and the ability of vehicles to safely navigate the streets.
  • Disrupting Surface Drainage – Storm drains have a high chance of clogging when rain washes the leaves into them. Keeping leaves out of the roadway can help prevent this.
Residents Should:
  • When possible, place leaves in paper biodegradable yard waste bags to be collected with the regular sanitation schedule. this is the most consistent way of collecting leaves and other yard debris such as sticks and twigs.
  • When there are too many leaves for reasonable resident collection then rake leaves near the curb in piles to be collected by Doraville Public Works with the Leaf Vacuum Truck. These piles must be free of any other material including sticks.
  • Remove all sticks, trash, or other items that cannot be collected by the vacuum trucks. Failure to remove such items from leaf piles can cause maintenance issues to the leaf vacuum truck leading to delays in service.
  • Keep parked vehicles away from leaf piles to allow crews easy access
Please Avoid:

  • Placing tree limbs, sticks, or other debris in the leaf piles - This can cause damage to equipment, resulting in major delays
  • Placing leaf piles in the street
  • Placing leaves in plastic bags – Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • Blocking access to leaf piles by parking cars on or in front of leaf piles
  • Mixing dirt with leaves – Bags filled with dirt will not be collected
Stay in the loop:

Weather-related factors may extend collection schedules. If weather conditions are severe, crews may postpone service. Follow us on Facebook or check the City of Doraville website for the most up-to-date information.

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Leaf Collection Program
When will my street or address be serviced? What is the schedule of the collection of the leaves?
Due to the unpredictability of the number of leaves on the ground, the weather, the frequency and wait time at the transfer station ( where the leaves are disposed of) it is impossible to reliability provide an estimate or schedule for curbside collection. For consistent collection, please bag or containerize  your leaves according to the Current Sanitation provider guidelines found here
Where should I place my leaves for the curbside collection?
Leaves must be placed at the curb between the road and the sidewalk. Leaves should not block any sidewalks or roadways. Also, make sure there are only leaves and no sticks or branches in the pile, and no overhanging wires or other obstructions that would prevent collection.
What if the leaves placed out for removal are missed?
There can be several reasons for a missed pickup. Sometimes parked cars on the road can prohibit crews from reaching leaf piles, the truck is filled and will need to dump before coming back, or leaves are placed out after the street has been already serviced. Weekly collection by our current sanitation provider will occur the same day each week, but not necessarily at the same time, as regular trash and recycling pickup. any miss containerized yard trimming can be reported to our current sanitation provider at 404-394-2900
Do I have to bag my leaves?
 Yes. Bagging with biodegradable bags is not only the preferred method of collection but is always recommended. As a reminder, yard debris such as tree trimmings, sticks, and twigs are required to be kept separated from leaf piles. Tree limbs can cause a multitude of maintenance issues to the leaf vacuum truck or sweeper truck.
How early should I place my bagged leaves out for the weekly collection?
Leaves should be placed by 6:30 AM according to your regular sanitation collection schedule.
What is the pick-up schedule during the holidays?
The collection schedule is altered during the holidays. Leaf pickup will typically be scheduled for the following business day after the holiday. The following holidays will be observed during the Leaf Collection Program, please plan accordingly.

  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President's Day