Doraville Honors Resident for Georgia Arbor Day

The third Friday of February each year is celebrated as Georgia Arbor Day. After the foundation of National Arbor Day, each state established its own celebration to mark its specific planting season. To recognize Georgia's Arbor Day, Mayor Geierman and City Council wanted to recognize a Doraville resident who has gone above and beyond to help the city, his neighbors, and everyone in between.

George Lourake has worked tirelessly throughout Doraville, from residents to our parks, to remove invasive species from our trees. This work has saved the lives of many of our trees and protected our local green spaces. 

In the proclamation, Mayor Geierman pointed out the critical role trees play in our world. From providing wood for homes to protecting our soil from erosion to providing shade and homes for our wildlife, trees are essential to our way of life. A fact that was marked during the first Arbor Day celebration in 1872, when one million trees were planted across the state of Nebraska. 

In accepting the award, Mr. Lourake remarked that every day is arbor day. And called for us to appreciate and protect our trees.

You can watch the full proclamation ceremony here.