New Security Technologies For Doraville

You may have noticed new objects popping up around the city. We have been investing in new technologies that bring additional layers of safety and protection to our community. These new technologies include two new systems, Flock Cameras and Raven Sensors, which have already been installed across Doraville. With plans for a third system, Condor Security Cameras, to be installed around City Parks in the future.

Flock Cameras are license plate readers. They are able to capture license plate numbers, makes, models, and colors of vehicles as they drive past. These cameras and the information they collect are extremely helpful to our Police Department, who use these cameras to track stolen vehicles, assist in resolving AMBER alerts, handle in-progress calls, and aid in ongoing investigations. The City has installed a number of these cameras across Doraville allowing for the entire city to be covered.

The Raven Sensors are gunshot detection sensors. They are able to differentiate between common sounds like cars, fireworks, or construction, and detect when a gun has been fired. They have been placed across the city as well to provide full coverage for our community. When gunshots are detected, the system alerts our officers of the gunshot and directs them to the area it was heard. 

The City strives to provide the best services for residents, and these new technologies will provide our community with greater safety and security.

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