Small Business Spotlight - El Rey del Taco


El Ray Taco
Craving a taco but not sure where to go? Check out our February Small Business Spotlight, El Rey Del Taco! With tortillas made in-house, you can rest assured that you will be getting the freshest ingredients in every bite. During our visit to El Rey, we interviewed the assistant manager, Rodrigo Cortez, about his experience at El Rey Del Taco. He was gracious enough to let us taste test some customer favorites, as well!

Cortez has worked in the restaurant industry since 1988 and has been with El Rey Del Taco since 2015. He has known the owner for many years and emphasizes the importance of working on a cohesive team. “We are like a family. We have good conversations. We don’t agree on everything, but I can say we need to do this, this, and this, and then it is ultimately his decision”.

As soon as you walk in the door, the staff makes you feel like part of the family. Cortez attributes this to his mindset towards work, “I like treating everyone well because you meet different people… And you have to enjoy your job. The key for any job is to find the right job for what you like to do. No matter what you do, you have to enjoy what you do”.

After our interview, Cortez took us back to the kitchen to see the tortilla-making process firsthand. The dough is separated, pressed, and immediately tossed onto the griddle to cook. Not only was it rewarding to see the process from start to finish, but the difference in taste is undeniable.

After taking a kitchen tour, Cortez served us a few of the many customer favorites. “Lots of people come for the tacos because they are authentic. They also like the quesadillas, but the small tortillas are homemade. We sell a lot of those.” We were lucky enough to try the chicken, steak, and pork tacos, all of which I will be ordering again on my next visit!

So, if you are looking for authentic tacos, delightful staff, and an upbeat atmosphere, El Rey Del Taco is the place for you!

El Ray del Taco