Special Events Permit

How Do I Obtain A Special Events Permit?Thinking of holding or hosting an event? Here’s how you do it.

What Is A Special Events Permit?
A Special Events Permit is a for-profit or not for profit event to be held on PUBLIC property such as a public, right-of-way or a public facility owned by the City of Doraville (e.g. parks, community center, City Hall, etc).

More specifically, “Special Event means any parade, march, ceremony, demonstration, show, exhibition, pageant, athletic event or procession of any kind other than a funeral procession, or any similar display, in or upon any street, sidewalk, park or other public property within the City limits, that interferes with the normal flow of traffic or use of public property  by the public. Movement from one (1) point to another is not a required element of a special event.”

Please refer to Article II, Special Events Permits, Sec. 17-26 to Sec. 17-47. Find City of Doraville Codes on the World Wide Web at Municode.Com.
A Special Events Permit must be obtained directly from the Doraville Police Department (DPD) located at 3750 Park Avenue, Doraville, GA 30340. The DPD non-emergency line is (770) 455-1000. Applications for permits shall be filed not less than fourteen (14) days nor more than sixty (60) days before the date on which the proposed special event is to be conducted. The application shall be signed by the applicant and by the special event leader, if other than the applicant.  A nonrefundable application fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be paid at the time the application for a permit is filed. Such fee shall be payable to the City of Doraville by cash, money order, or cashier’s check (Sec. 17-29).

NOTE: The Planning & Development Department located at 3725 Park Avenue does not issue these permits.

A special events permit is not a function on private property such as within the parking lot of a shopping center, a grand opening, a private sidewalk or liquidation sale, concert, food sales, etc. These types of outside events are currently forbidden by City Code – they are a Code violation which can be cited by code enforcement. Additionally, temporary structures such as tents, modular buildings, food carts, displays, and the like, which are generally indicative of other unpermitted activity, are unilaterally forbidden on private property.

Indemnification Agreement (Sec. 17-45)
Prior to the issuance of a special event permit, the permit applicant or duly authorized officer of the sponsoring organization must sign an agreement to reimburse the City for any costs incurred in repairing damage to City property resulting from or in connection with a permitted event. The agreement shall also provide that the permittee or sponsoring organization shall defend the City against, and indemnify and hold the City harmless from, any liability to or claims of liability by any persons resulting from any alleged damage or injury occurring in connection with the special event.