If you were ordered to complete a Defensive Driving Course (Alive @ 25) or attend a DUI School as part of your sentence, you must bring the original certificate of completion to the court by the date indicated to you by the Judge or Solicitor.  For a list of state-approved DUI schools, please visit the Georgia Department of Driver Services website. 

If you are 25, or under and ordered to take an Alive @ 25 class, by the judge or solicitor, you must bring a printed copy with you to your next court date.  We will not look at images on your phone, nor accept emails to print off the certificate.  Please do not email certificates to the court.

The court does not apply points to your driver history. The court submit pleas to the Department of Driver Services.   If you have questions or concerns about points or license suspensions, please contact the Department of Driver Services website or call their office at 678-413-8400.