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2016.10.28_DoravilleCompPlan2037MainDocument - Cover_Page_1BackgroundIn December 2015, the City of Doraville embarked on the Design Doraville project to update the 2006-2026 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that outlines the long range vision for Doraville’s future and helps inform land use and rezoning decisions, planning initiatives, and other strategic activities and decisions of City Staff and Council. The plan serves as a blueprint for the future growth and development of Doraville.

workshop photosAssisting with the Plan update was the consulting team of Jacobs, Sycamore Consulting, & Canvas Planning Group, whom were selected by Doraville City Council through a competitive RFP (request for proposals) bid selection. Design Doraville was a community driven process that included several hands-on public meetings and workshops, Open House presentations, and an interactive survey to gather community feedback on developing the goals and vision for the future of Doraville.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?A comprehensive plan is a tool used by local governments to document the short term and long term goals of their community. The plan addresses land use, transportation, economic development, housing, natural resources and more over a 20-year time frame. A major outcome of the comprehensive plan is the Community Work Program, which serves as a project “to-do list” for addressing identified challenges and moving toward the vision the community has created. Another important outcome is the Future Land Use Plan (Future Development Map), which identifies our vision and goals for development and redevelopment. 

Why did the City Conduct this Planning Process?The 2006-2026 Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2005 and since that time, much has changed, including annexation of new land into our city and major new public and private initiatives. As a result of these changes, the City decided to embark on a mid-plan update, building off of data collected for the 2006-2026 Comprehensive Plan in addition to recent planning efforts the City completed since that time. An updated Comprehensive Plan also ensures that City retain eligibility for certain funding streams and demonstrates our commitment to a well-planned future.


The plan update process included a combination of five project tasks: Project Initiation, Existing Conditions Analysis, Visioning, Prioritization and Implementation Planning, and Plan Finalization and Adoption. The process was completed on October 17, 2016.

Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP)

A Citizen Advisory Panel was created to assist City Staff and the consultant team on the update to the Comprehensive Plan.They reviewed draft materials, helped voice the needs and desires of local citizens and businesses, and made recommendations regarding the various policies, goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.They also helped to spread the news of all Design Doraville public events to ensure effective and efficient input in the update process. Members of the Panel represented a cross-section of Doraville’s diverse group of stakeholders.The 15-member group included two residents from each Council District, representatives from Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS), the Latin American Association, DeKalb schools in Doraville, the tank farms, small businesses,and large business owners:

Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP)

Name Location Resident/Business Owner/Organizations
Elliott Fried District 1 Resident
Khadija Ben District 1 Resident (school teacher)
Ray Benitez District 2 Resident
Joseph Geierman District 2 Resident
Susan Fraysse District 3 Resident
Stephe Koontz

District 3 Resident
Yotin Srivanjarean   CPACS
Victoria Huynh   CPACS/resident
Anibal Torres

  Latin American
Jimmy Cushman   Business – Halpern
Kent Walker   Business – Selig
Charlene Fang   Business
Oscar Perez   Latino Business – Oscar’s upholstery
Ching Hsia   Asian Business – Yen Jing (Chinese restaurant)
Bruce Landsverk   Business – tank farms

CAP group pic2
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2017-2037 Comprehensive Plan4 documents

  • Design Doraville (Main Document)
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    Click the links below to view the Plan adopted by the Doraville City Council on October 17, 2016
  • Appendix A: Public Involvement Documentation
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  • Appendix B: Existing Conditions Analysis
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  • City Council Resolution adopting 2017-2037 Comprehensive Plan
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Presentations2 documents

  • August 15, 2016 Public Hearing
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  • October 17, 2020 City Council Meeting - Document Adoption
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2005 - 2025 Comprehensive Plan3 documents

  • Community Assessment
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  • Public Participation Program
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  • Community Agenda
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Maps3 documents

  • Map - Existing Land Use
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  • Map - Future Land Use
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  • Map - Character Areas
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