Police Department

Police Department
The Mission of the Doraville Police Department is to provide quality services, foster growth, and develop a vibrant community for our residents and businesses.

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Police Chief Charles D. Atkinson

Police Department website: www.doravillepolice.us

The Doraville Police Department prides itself on being one of metro Atlanta’s finest agencies, winning national and state recognition for excellence in law enforcement.

Crime Prevention Check List for Business Owners

The latest terrorist trend indicates a shift from large fortified structures to targets that have greater public access and fewer inherent security measures. Citizens are a crucial component in securing our communities. The Doraville Police Department would like to remind you of the following procedures which will assist in securing you, your employees, your facilities and customers.

  • Remind employees to be aware of suspicious persons and activity, e.g., occupied vehicles in unusual locations, persons photographing or diagramming your facility, telephone calls seeking suspicious information, etc.
  • Challenge any unfamiliar persons in or near your work areas. If they do not appear threatening, engage them in conversation about what they are doing, who they work for, what their name is, etc.
  • Ensure that all security and video systems are operating and in good working order.
  • Consider deploying security personnel to areas of high visibility and/or public access, e.g., public entrances, front desk areas, public-gathering points, etc.
  • Increase scrutiny of public parking lots and vehicles.
  • Consider reducing vehicular access to areas close to buildings.
  • Be aware of any packages that are abandoned and/or appear to be suspicious.
  • Obtain identification from all persons doing business at your facility.
  • Secure uniforms, employee identification, company vehicles or other items that might be stolen or replicated and used to circumvent security measures.
Intelligence sources report that the United States and U.S. interests worldwide continue to be the most attractive terrorist targets. Your vigilance and attention to the suggestions listed above will help to safeguard our community.

Report suspicious activity as quickly as possible to the Doraville Police Department at (770) 455-1000. For emergencies call 911.

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