Doraville 101 First Graduates

On June 12, 2024, Mayor Pro Tem Gerald Evans presented diplomas of completion to Doraville 101 first graduating class!  

Educating and providing resources to our community is our top priority for creating an inclusive and well-rounded city. Doraville 101 is a 5-week course in which our residents gain insight into how decisions are made, services are provided, and resources are allocated within their community. Our Doraville 101 course consists of learning about our various departments with the City such as Community Development, Public Works, and more.  Students gained a deeper understanding of topics surrounding civic engagement, economic development, capital improvements, budgeting, and administrative services, public safety, volunteer boards and commissions, and recreational programs. Residents are encouraged to take this opportunity to enhance their knowledge of local government, ask questions of City leaders, and discuss future plans for city development.  

Congratulations to our graduates: Elliott Fried, Eugene Armistead, Charlene Fang, Susan Fraysse, Connie Parry, Francisco Razo, and Jerome Sin! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making our community a better place! 

Find out more about the program and future classes by checking out the Doraville 101 page here.


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