Doraville Celebrates Public Works Week

Public Works Week has been celebrated by the American Public Works Association for sixty-four years. This week is a time to pay homage to these public servants whose work is often taken for granted.

Public Works professionals care for and oversee the infrastructure, facilities, and services that are vital to sustainable and resilient communities. They support the public health, high quality of life, and well-being of their community. Without their hard work and dedication, these services and facilities could not exist. It is important to highlight the essential work our Public Works team does for our city. 

Following the proclamation, Public Works Director Chris LaFleur presented a few awards of his own to members of his department. First was the Team Impact Award, presented to Justin Howard. The team impact award is given to an individual who fosters a culture of teamwork within the department, exemplified through their work and the results they achieve. The Team Impact recipient prioritizes and inspires collaborative work within the team. Speaking on why he selected Justing, Mr. LaFleur shared that Justin is a determined worker who always gets the job done. But he doesn't just get the task at hand done, he takes newer team members under his wing and teaches them what he knows, helping to grow and develop a stronger team.


The second award presented was the First Class Service Award for Chris Ford. Chris Ford is the Public Works Office Manager and the front line on resident services for the department. He answers calls and emails that come into the department and maintains an exceptional level of professionalism and kindness. Mr. Ford is also not afraid to get out in the field if the situation calls for it. Mr. Lafleur wanted to bring attention to the exceptional service provided by Mr. Ford.


The final award of the night was the Spotlight Award presented to Oscar Rivera. Oscar was unable to attend the meeting but Mr. LaFleur wanted to publicly bring attention to the impressive work of Mr. Rivera. When another Public Works team member was injured and forced to be away from work for an extended time, Mr. Rivera picked up the slack and took on extra projects, specifically concrete projects. This has helped the Department stay on track and keep their projects moving. This willingness to pick up extra, specialized, work is why he has received the Spotlight Award.

You can watch the full proclamation and award ceremony here.