Doraville Celebrates National Public Works Week

National Public Works Week is celebrated in May,  to honor this and our Public Works Department, Mayor Geierman issued a proclamation declaring May 21st through 27th as Public Works Week in Doraville. 

Mayor Geierman spoke on how the Public Works team are unsung heroes of the City. They were out on the frontlines during Covid making sure residents had clean, well maintained outdoor spaces, filling potholes, keeping sidewalks safe, and so much more. Public Works professionals are vital to keeping our resources, spaces, and infrastructure available and safe for all of our community members. 

Director of Public Works, Chris Lafleur, accepted the proclamation alongside other members of the Public Works Department. In accepting the award, Director Lafleur thanked the Mayor, City Council, our City Manager, his staff, and the residents of Doraville. He echoed the sentiment that the job of a Public Works staffer is often a thankless one. But he and his team not only appreciate it when residents reach out to say thank you but also when they share ways the team can improve on the work that they do.

You can watch the full proclamation ceremony here.


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