Doraville Honors Jewish American Heritage Month and Early Childhood Educators

May 10th Mayor Joseph Geierman, issued a proclamations in recognition of Jewish American Heritage Month. Throughout May, we take time to highlight and recognize the significant contributions of Jewish Americans have made toward the cultural, social and economic fabric of the US. Enrichening the country with their commitment to education and community service. As well as, reflect on the resilience and determination of the Jewish community in overcoming adversity and discrimination.

Accepting the proclamation was Julie Newman, of Congregation Ariel. Julie  thanked the Mayor and City Council for recognizing Jewish American Heritage month and for the honor or recognizing her. 

Mayor Geierman issued a second proclamation on behalf of City Council, recognizing Early Childhood Educators Appreciation Day, which is observed on May 12th.   Julie Newman who owns and operates Dunwoody Prep, a family-owned organization that was started in 1988 by Julie's mother Jane, accepted this award as well. Julie brought some of her employees, and Doraville residents, to accept the award with her.

In accepting the award, Julie took the opportunity to stressed the critical role educators play in developing our youngest residents, building a solid foundation, and providing essential support for children and families. As well as the remarkable spirit and passion her team possesses. 

You can watch the full proclamation ceremony here 


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