Paw Stand Owners Recognized as Doraville Difference Makers and for Women's History Month

For March's Doraville Difference Maker, Council Member Alexander selected Donna Raney and Jennifer Andreae, owners of the Paw Stand. Donna and Jennifer made Doraville their home in the late 1980s. After successful careers in the tech sector and medical field, Jennifer and Donna decided to pursue a different passion.

The Paw Stand opened its doors in 2015 and quickly became a destination for pet lovers across metro Atlanta. Offering pet owners everything they could need from specialty food, treats, and toys. As well as offering rehabilitation services for pets in need.

But their business isn't the only contribution they make to the Doraville community. Donna and Jennifer are regular sponsors and participants in charity events. Their store serves as a drop off location for animal shelter donations. They host pictures with Santa during the holiday season. The sponsor fundraising events for K9 ballistic vests. And they participate in the annual Splish Splash Doggy Bash at the Doraville Pool!

Donna and Jennifer were also honored by Mayor Geierman for Women's History Month. March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate, recognize, and learn about the contributions made by women to our society.  Contributions that have historically been overlooked, minimized, or even misattributed to others. To honor this tradition, Mayor Geierman issued a proclamation declaring March Women's History Month in Doraville and presented it to Donna and Jennifer.

For March, Mayor Geierman wanted to recognize the contributions, past and present, that women are making to the city. Including the women who have served as leaders in the City Government including our current City Council Members, Maria Alexander and Stephe Koontz. As well as, the women who have contributed to the economic success of the city, like Donna and Jennifer. 

Accepting the award and the proclamation Donna thanked the Mayor and City Council for the honors. She remarked how humbled she and Jennifer both are by the recognition. Reflecting on their time in Doraville, Donna said they wouldn't be where they are and doing what they are doing without their community. A community who Donna credited with being  there with them through thick and thin. In closing Donna invited all, particularly those who hadn't yet visited, to come by the Paw Stand and "run with the pack."

You can watch the full award and proclamation ceremony here.

DDM WHM Paw Stand

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