December Doraville Difference Maker - Carrie Armistead

DDM - Carrie Armistead
When considering her selection for December's Doraville Difference Maker, Council Member Koontz wanted to look for someone who was relatively new to the city but was still making an impact. Few could fit that description better than Carrie Armistead. 

Moving to Doraville just five short years ago in 2017, Carrie was straightway involved in the city. She has served as Vice President, now President, of NANA, as a member of the Doraville 150 Celebration Committee, on the 2019 and the 2023 Northwoods Home and Garden Tour committee, as Secretary of the Friends of the Doraville Library, on the ballot review committee, and was appointed to serve as Doraville's representative on the DeKalb County Public Library Board of Trustees. 

Reflecting on the award and her time in Doraville, Carrie shared this is the fist city she has lived in as an adult that has felt like home. And she hopes that the work she does on her committees and boards will play a part in someone else feeling lucky to live in Doraville. 

DDM - Carrie Armistead1

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