Doraville Difference Maker - Angela Flurry

This month, we honored Angela Flurry with our Doraville Difference Maker Award. Below are some selected remarks on Angela's service and community involvement from Councilman Andy Yeoman.

"Angela loves and cares about people and she is the embodiment of a true difference maker, in my opinion. If you vote in Doraville, Angela helps you vote. If you need a ride to the doctors appointment, Angela, and Mrs. Coggins and a few others, make sure you get to your doctors appointments. If there's an event in the city, even the labor events like the mulch and the trees, Angela is always there to volunteer. If there was ever a parade in Northwoods, and there was, Angela is the one to lead the parade. If you attend the monthly Senior Luncheons, Angela is the one always there the day before to set up the tables and decorations. She's usually the last one there doing the dishes."

During Covid-19 she never missed a week of volunteering to make sandwiches for the senior group. And still today, she volunteers with I Care Atlanta, to continue working with the apartment complexes and food missions they are on. If someone leaves the neighborhood, and may leave some animals or cats behind, Angela, and a few others, are always on the team to take care of that issue as well. Angela is always one that doesn't take vacations herself, so she can stay behind and watch everyone else's animals when they're gone. Angela is very busy with the Northwoods Area Association and all of their programing. She's part of the welcoming committee, and if you're a new resident of Northwoods her pitch is "Hi I'm Angela, if you want the grease it's free, but for $20 you can join NAA."

Councilman Yeoman closed by adding, "I am blessed to have met her and know her myself. Doraville is lucky to have her and I am pleased to recognize her as the April 2022 Doraville Difference Maker." You can watch the full video of the award ceremony here.

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