An Update on Redistricting

As you have likely noticed, Doraville is growing quickly. In 2010, the census indicated that our city was home to 8,330 residents. In last years’ census, that number was 10,623, a 27% increase. That's faster growth than many surrounding cities, including Atlanta. As a result, the Doraville City Council is required to make some changes to our city council districts to ensure the populations are as equal as possible. As you can see in the first map below, District 1 now represents almost half of the city's population, while Districts 2 and 3 are below their ideal resident size of 3,541 people.
City council is considering several options for how to even districts out so that each resident is appropriately represented. The first option is to redraw the three districts' boundary lines, as you can see in proposals one and two below. This is how cities typically deal with redistricting to keep districts even while retaining the same basic electoral framework. Another option that is under consideration; however, is to instead create two city council districts to make more contiguous district lines. If that option were pursued, council would also consider making one or two at-large (citywide) council members so that the city council stays a comparable to what exists now.
Redistricting Proposal 1 Final
Redistricting Proposal 2 Final
All of the above options are still on the table and we will be soliciting public input in January so residents have an opportunity to make their preferences known. This is a time-sensitive process as we will need to work with the state legislature, which will only be meeting through the beginning of April. We expect this process to move quickly once it gets started so we encourage all residents to stay in touch with their current council members if they want to be involved with redistricting.

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