City Council Passes New Solar Panel Ordinance

At their November 17th city council meeting, Doraville officials voted unanimously to approve a new ordinance which created a new code and process for the installation and permitting of solar panels. The ordinance was passed to promote sustainable energy and make it easier to install the panels. It was based on a model ordinance from the Georgia Institute of Technology and also makes it easier to install back-up batteries on residents’ property.

“In passing this ordinance, Doraville is setting itself apart as a leader in clean energy,” said Mayor Joseph Geierman. “To protect our environment and stave off climate change, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to make renewable energy accessible to all of our residents. We are now one step closer to a full, green future.”

The City  is also underway on an application for SolSmart designation, a federal program which recognizes communities leading on solar energy. The City hopes to have completed the necessary steps for this recognition early in the upcoming year.

More details and the full ordinance can be found here (pages 66-90).

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