Doraville Defines Itself as Strong Economic Development Partner

For any business looking to get started, relocate, or expand, Doraville is open and ready to welcome them home. In just the last five years, our city has experienced record growth and investment from companies across the country and spanning every industry. From mixed-use developments to aerospace engineering to what will be the biggest film production center in the state, we have created an environment that will continue to grow exponentially.

We work with every firm exploring Doraville to make the process as simple, transparent, and straightforward as possible. You don’t have to take our word for it, though – below are just a few examples of the feedback we have received from executives we have had the pleasure to welcome into our city.

“At each and every point you have been there, and your willingness to help direct us to the proper people at both the County and the State has been a breath of fresh air. Our Company is an Atlanta based Development Company and we are coming upon our 50th Anniversary, and I can honestly say that in the 33 years I have been with our Company I have not encountered a municipality as ready willing and able to act as a Partner.” – Jay Gipson, The Gipson Company


“Our project was not simple - a land swap, parkland donation and improvement, complex zoning, a tight site. From our first meeting, city staff demonstrated a desire to make it happen. Not once was I told "we can't do that". Every discussion started and ended with "how do we get this done.” – E. Howard Carson, Jr. – Carson Developments, Inc.

Lennar Townhomes

 “Lumen Doraville became infinitely more challenging due to the uncertainties posed by the pandemic, as we were pursuing and finalizing all necessary entitlements and construction financing during 2020. The fact that many of our most critical meetings were conducted virtually demonstrated to us that, despite the unique challenges of the pandemic, the City of Doraville was committed to working with our team and to see development progress for its residents.” – Gary Sobel, Kaufman Capital Partners


We believe in fostering positive, productive relationships with all our developers because we know that attracting innovative businesses makes our city better for every one of our residents. We are always excited to pursue opportunities to create new jobs, new homes, and new neighborhood amenities, which is why we stay engaged from the first phone call to the final ribbon cutting. As long as there are firms looking to make Doraville home, we will continue to work with them to make it an inviting one.

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