FY21 Financial Report

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Overall, revenues are $1,970,922 higher than last year's revenues. Included in the increase are Cares funds in the amount of $1,164,256. Without Cares funding, the increase would have been $806,666; which, equates to a 5% increase over last years revenues. It should be noted that 90% of the increase is attributable to Licenses and Permits.

Taxes reported an increase of $83,635. As might be expected, the largest decrease within the category was Business and Occupation Taxes and they reported a decline of $213,484.

Licenses and permits reported an increase of $919,361 (106% increase). Building and sign permits, alone, represented an increase of $949,739. The Lumen Project accounted for 60% of the increase. There were minor decreases in other categories to offset the large increase; i.e. alcoholic beverages.

Fines and forfeitures were down $206,265

Miscellaneous revenue appears to be elevated; however, it includes the Cares funding. Without the Cares funding, the category would be more in line with where it was in the prior year.

Overall, expenditures were $1,056,893 over the prior year's expenses. The department with the greatest increase over the prior year was Planning & Zoning and increased by $747,163. The increase was due to Building Plan Review and the Mobility Study.

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