Doraville Difference Maker - Anthony Delgado

The City of Doraville Difference Maker Program was created by the mayor and council to acknowledge outstanding residents and organization leaders who have made a significant contribution to or positively impacted the residents of our community.

This month, we honored Anthony Delgado from local charity "I Care Atlanta." Below are selected remarks from Councilman Andy Yeoman recognizing Anthony's achievements and contributions.

"Today, Anthony Delgado operates his charity I Care Atlanta across the street from the Doraville MARTA station. Anthony was dropped off at the train station in Doraville after an argument with his cousin. That's when he began his journey as a drug-addicted alcoholic homeless person. With a twist of irony, it is fate that his organization is today located across the street from this station.

Having just smoked crack and coming down from a high outside of the Greyhound bus station on a cold winter day a man and woman came up to him and told him he should go to the VA hospital. Eventually, Delgado took this advise and made it to the hospital where joined a rehab program and got help from a pastor.

In the program, he got a job and began to get back on his feet. After a church service about obedience, Delgado took donated bags of bread from Panera to the spot where he used to sleep on the streets. Following the distribution of bread, he realized that he had found his purpose in life. 

I  Care Atlanta partners with retail stores to donate food and money and the Doraville police direct people in need to Delgado so he can help find them shelters or other resources.

Today Delgado has seven employees, two buildings, 17 freezers, and two trucks in the organization he founded. I Care Atlanta, Inc. is a nonprofit devoted to ending homelessness by reaching out to the working poor and homeless men, women, and children in metro Atlanta and surrounding communities.

Delgado says he's seen a significantly higher demand for food and shelter since the coronavirus pandemic hit and feeds about 400 people a day. In 2020, the City of Doraville contributed $15,000. I will be making a personal contribution this evening to I Care and I encourage any that is able to make a contribution as well. Contributions can be made at

I Care Atlanta is also a training center, financial planning center, and during the holiday season they're giving out brand new toys to dozens of kids as well as holding food drives.

For September 2021 the Mayor and Council of the City of Doraville hereby recognize Anthony Delgado for making a difference and enhancing and improving opportunities to individuals and improving the quality of life in our community."

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