Announcing Remote Inspections for Residential Properties

The City of Doraville is committed to maintaining and improving a high level of service, and wherever possible to efficiently serve our community and ensure the safety of our residents and staff.

To that end, Doraville is happy to announce that we are implementing remote inspections for certain kinds of permitted work. These kinds of programs are growing in popularity, and currently utilized by hundreds of jurisdictions around the country.

Remote inspections are an alternative to on-site inspections, and allows City staff to perform building inspections without unnecessary human contact.

  • Remote inspections are only permitted on residential properties.
  • All remote inspections will be conducted with the contractor or technician performing the installation.
  • If an issue is found during the inspection, the contractor or technician may make the necessary corrections immediately.
  • This eliminates the need for numerous visits by inspectors, greatly shortening the timeline for homeowners, contractors, and City staff.

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