Doraville Comprehensive Plan Update - Your Input is Needed


One of the fundamental responsibilities of local government is planning – a word used to describe how a community shapes and guides its future growth, development, and identity. Updating the comprehensive plan offers the community the opportunity to look beyond the execution of day-to-day services and consider where they want to be in the future, as well as what needs to be done to get there.

This plan update assesses where Doraville stands today and how it intends to grow in the future. Following the requirements of the Minimum Standards, it presents updated needs and opportunities, a community vision and goals, and a five-year work program designed to make that vision a reality.

To achieve the City of Doraville’s vision and goals for the future, there are needs and opportunities the community must address. A need can be defined as a condition of something that is required or wanted or a challenge to be addressed. An opportunity is a chance for progress or advancement or an existing asset to be strengthened. Needs and opportunities change as the community grows and should be regularly re-evaluated to keep the plan current. The Comprehensive Plan process seeks to identify and affirm needs and opportunities, based on the technical assessment prepared by the planning team as well as input collected from the community engagement process.


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