New Doraville Municipal Art Commission Seeking Local Artists

We are excited to announce the formation of the Doraville Municipal Art Commission and would like to invite our residents and business owners to apply! Specifically, we are looking for at least two members who are working artists, preferably one in two-dimensional media and one in three-dimensional media. We are also looking for at least two with experience in arts management, design, planning, or public place management.

As an art commissioner, you would have the following authorities and responsibilities:

(1) Develop policies, procedures and guidelines to implement a Public Implementation Plan;

(2) Appoint Task Forces/Selection Committees for projects;

(3) Review and approve “Projects Plans” for proposed artworks that are acquired or commissioned with City funds and/or proposed for City-owned property;

(4) Review and approve the selection of artists and artist concepts for artworks commissioned with City funds and/or proposed for City-owned property;

(5) Prepare an annual report to Council on public art activities;

(6) Review and recommend Public Art proposals consistent with definitions and criteria for public art and themes adopted by Mayor and City Council;

(7) Recommend the acceptance of donations of public art for public property; and

(8) Review and recommend public art recommendations in the comprehensive plans, area plans, overlay districts and development conditions.

If you're interested in applying, please fill out the application here.

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