Join Us for Neighborhood Bingo!

Complete your FALL PHOTO BINGO card to win fantastic prizes! Download and print your Bingo card here. 

Participate in City of Doraville Parks and Recreation’s FALL PHOTO BINGO! Complete the activities in at least 5 squares (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) on the Bingo card. Send proof of your completed BINGO by sending a photo of your card and a photo “proof” of each complete item to by November 30th, 2020. Winners will be announced on December 4th, 2020.

All participants will be entered into a raffle to win great prizes and gift cards.
Share your photos on social media and tag @CityOfDoraville.

Prizes: Grand prize drawing for $100 gift card. Participants must complete all 25 spaces to enter the grand prize drawing.

Regular Bingo Prize: 20 drawings for $25 gift cards. Complete 5 sequential squares (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) to be entered. Limit of one prize per person.

Official Contest rules:
1. Once you have a completed BINGO (or all 25 spaces) submit a photo of your completed card and photo evidence of each completed item, this is a minimum of 6 photos by email to
 - We recommend printing your bingo card, and mark your complete items with an X, and then take a picture of your completed card with your phone. You can also draw on an image of the card by using the edit function on your phone.
 - Include photos as proof of each item that you completed. For the photo, you can either take a selfie with each completed item, or ask someone to take a picture of you, but you must be visible in the picture. All 5 items must be of 5 different squares with 5 different photographs.
 - In your email please Include your contact information: full name, address and a phone number.
- Submit your entry all in ONE E-MAIL. Do not send multiple emails.
2. Entries are due by November 30 th , 2020.
3. Participants are encouraged to share their photos of their completed items on social media (Instagram or Facebook) Tag @CityOfDoraville.
4. You cannot use the same photo for different squares, all entries must include a different photograph from different locations.
5. All photos that are submitted for the contest can be used on City of Doraville’s social media channels and web site and are the property of City of Doraville. City of Doraville may use these photographs for future marketing purposes.
6. Entrants who do not follow the rules will be disqualified for the contest and will not be entered.

Please follow CDC guidelines of social distancing and wear a face mask when appropriate throughout this challenge. Always put a space (at least 6 feet) between yourself and others and reduce physical interaction between you and other people to lower the chances of spreading illness between each other.

Contest ends on November 30th, 2020. Winners will be announced on December 4th, 2020. Winners will be contacted via official email and dispersal of gift cards will be coordinated after.

Submit your entry and direct any questions to or call (770) 936-3850.

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