City of Doraville Mobility Plan: Provide Your Input!

The mobility plan will help guide the City’s transportation investments over the next 10 to 20 years, and create a list of projects that address both local and regional mobility issues. The mobility plan will be undertaken in partnership with the newly formed Chamblee Doraville Community Improvement District (CDCID), which is developing its own mobility plan along the major commercial corridors of Doraville and Chamblee. When combined, the two efforts would give the City a list of capital projects and programs to implement either on its own or in partnership with other agencies, especially CDCID and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

Public Process
As part of the Plan, the City and Stantec will engage in two virtual public meeting events. The first event was held September 10th and took the form of a virtual “open house”, where participants learned about the project, existing conditions, and provided input on topics such as safety, access, and the future of mobility. You can still get engaged via the survey and map below and also view the video and presentation from the September 10th meeting.  Expect the second public meeting in mid-November!

Participate in Our Survey!

Use this Google Map to Note Mobility/Transportation Concerns - Please use the map to "drop a pin" and tell us where you have mobility related issues, and where you would like to see improvements. If you support another concern/improvement on the map, please comment "I second".

September 10th Mobility Study Virtual Meeting Materials

Find out more here.

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