Governor Lifts Statewide Sheltering in Place

Gov. Brian Kemp's statewide shelter-in-place order will be lifted on Friday, May 1, for most Georgians.

Residents 65 and older plus those who are "medically fragile," particularly ones suffering from chronic lung disease or cancer, are still expected to shelter in place through June 12 -- the date to which Georgia's public health state of emergency has been extended.

Businesses must abide by various restrictions, including social distancing and regular sanitation, through May 13 to remain open.

The state is urging residents to stay home when possible, to wear a face covering in public and to continue practicing social distancing.

The governor first ordered sheltering in place for April 3-13, then extended it through the end of April. Kemp first declared a public health state of emergency on March 14.

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