Council Approves Sheltering in Place

The Doraville City Council passed an amendment to an existing ordinance, calling for residents to shelter in place except for essential activities, at a special meeting Thursday evening. Mayor Joseph Geierman had gone on record Wednesday with a statement calling for sheltering in place.

Sheltering in place does not prohibit residents from going outside for individual or family activities such as walking, running, gardening, etc., or from making necessary trips for work, groceries or appointments. However, the use of playground equipment, soccer pitches and basketball courts is prohibited.

The original ordinance was passed last week in response to the current coronavirus pandemic. It enacted emergency restrictions on restaurants and other businesses that bring people into close contact with one another. The restrictions included closing restaurants to in-person customers; closing gyms, sports clubs and personal grooming establishments; and prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people.

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