Notes From First Day of County Trash Pickup

Wednesday's first day of DeKalb County sanitation services was a success! Thanks to residents for being understanding and cooperative during the transition period.
Here are some reminders for the coming days and weeks:
-- In order to continue back-door pickup, you will need to complete a form included by the county in its welcome packet, which was attached to your new green trash can.
-- All trash goes into the green can. Yard waste goes into a personal can or is bagged for pickup. The Advanced recycling cans/bins will remain in use for the time being, until they can be replaced with county cans.
-- Trash should not be put in the Advanced trash cans any longer. Please leave your empty Advanced can out for pickup, if you have not done so already.
-- For questions pertaining to service, call the county at (404) 294-2900 or email

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