Important Information on Trash Collection

The City is transitioning from Advanced Disposal to DeKalb County as its provider for trash collection. Here are some important things for Doraville residents to know:
1. The gray Advanced trash cans will remain in use through Jan. 28 or 29 (depending on your regular pickup day). On that date, leave the can out to be taken away for good.
2. The county's green trash cans are being delivered this month. Do not put them out until the first day of county services, which is Wednesday, Feb. 5. As of that date, all trash, recycling and yard waste will be picked up by the county on Wednesdays.
3. The gray/blue Advanced recycling cans and bins will continue to be used for recycling until county cans are issued to replace them. That will not happen for several more weeks. In the interim, the county will pick up recycling from the Advanced cans and bins.

Click here for information from the county about its services. This information also is part of the welcome packet being delivered by the county with its green cans. For additional questions, please contact the county at (404) 294-2900.

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