Doraville to Have Runoff Election for Mayor

Doraville will have a runoff election for Mayor on Dec. 3 after none of four candidates received more than 50% of the vote in Tuesday's election. Former council member Joseph Geierman (39.3%) and incumbent Mayor Donna Pittman (27.7%) will be in the runoff. Also in Tuesday's field were current council member MD Naser (22.5%) and Tom Hart (10.2%).
The Doraville City Council will have four new members in 2020: Andy Yeoman (District 1), Rebekah Cohen Morris and Chris Henshaw (District 2), and Maria T. Alexander (District 3).
Yeoman won with 59.1% of the vote over Gerald Evans (26.7%) and Tom Owens (13.3%), taking the seat currently held by Pam Fleming, who is retiring. Cohen Morris received 55.4% of the vote to defeat Jessica Killingsworth (24.8%) and Danielle C. Brown (19.5%) for the seat currently held by Naser.
In a special election for Geierman's former seat on the council, an unexpired term, Henshaw (54.9%) defeated Tammie Bailey (44.6%).
Incumbent council member Shannon Hillard lost to Alexander, receiving 46.2% of the vote to Alexander's 53.3%.
Only voters registered by the Oct. 7 deadline will be eligible to vote in the mayoral runoff election. Council members Robert Patrick (District 1) and Stephe Koontz (District 3) were not up for re-election on Tuesday.

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