Film Permits

A Media Production Permit is required to film in Doraville. Application forms are available below. If Doraville Police Department officers are needed for traffic control, assistance, etc., this should be coordinated directly with the Doraville Police Department.

Media Production Permit Required Documents
Permit Application (must be complete)
Site plan showing production location and base camp
Proof of permission of property owner for use of location and base camp
Proof that affected neighbors have been notified
Application fee (cash, check, Visa or MasterCard)

Activity   Fee
Application fee for filming on public or private property   $25 per application
Filming permit on public property (includes prep/shoot/strike days)   $100 per day
Filming permit on private property   No fee
Rental of City  property and/or parks   $500 per day
Police services, minimum three hours per officer (payment directly to officers individually and separately)   $55 per hour per officer

To submit the above documents or for any questions, contact:
Mayira Bunting, Business and Community Engagement Coordinator 
Phone: 678-708-2480

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