Tree Permit

Tree Permit Requirements 

The City of Doraville recognizes the importance of trees because they provide shading and cooling; improve stormwater quality; reduce noise, wind, stormwater runoff and soil erosion; provide for wildlife refuge; produce oxygen; filter dust; absorb carbon dioxide; and enhance the aesthetics and economics of all real property. Trees' contribution to the general well-being and quality of life for the citizens of Doraville, as well as the region of metropolitan Atlanta, is recognized and valued; therefore, the City deems it necessary and desirable in the interest of public health, safety, and welfare to enact an ordinance for the conservation, planting, and replacement of trees to prevent the indiscriminate removal of trees and reduction of canopy cover within the City. 

City of Doraville Tree Ordinance
Tree Ordinance (pdf)
Tree Ordinance on Municode

A tree permit is required for: 

  • Removal of any tree with a trunk diameter of three (3) inches or more measured at breast height, which normally attains a mature height of fifteen (15) feet or more; and/or 
  • Pruning the limbs (branches) of trees that have a trunk diameter of eight (8) inches or more measured at breast height. 

Proper Pruning Methods (Sec. 5-271), click here 

Permit Online Submission:
Due to the Coronavirus, City Hall is currently closed to the public.  Staff is working remotely and will process your online application submission.   Should you have any questions you may contact the planning staff.

The following documents must be submitted with your permit submission:
Tree Removal Request Form (identify each tree's size, species, reason for tree removal)  
•   Site plan drawing (may be hand drawn) – Example drawing
•   Photographs of trees to be removed (identification required to assist staff during site visit)
•   Tree contractor information and insurance

Submit your Tree Permit Application 
Upon receipt of the application an email link  for payment will be sent out within 48 hours.   The tree permit fee is $25. 

Exemption Removal Due to Dangerous/Hazardous Conditions:
Injured or fallen trees which pose imminent danger may be removed prior to issuance of a tree permit; however, immediate notification to the City is required prior to any removal.  Provide photo documentation of the injured tree(s) and property damage.  

Send notification to:  and

Please provide the following minimum information in the email
•   Subject line of email: “Emergency tree removal – imminent danger and property address”
•   Body of email: your contact information and a clear description of dangerous condition.
•   Required documents: photographs of injured trees

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