Sign Permit

Sign Permit Requirements 

The Mayor and Council find that signs provide an important medium through which individuals may convey a variety of messages. To avoid the potential of negative impacts of signage on public safety, public welfare, and property values, the City regulates location, size, placement, and certain features of signs. These regulations are intended to enable the public to identify businesses and locate goods and services in the City without difficulty or confusion in a manner, which improves the general attractiveness of the community and protect property values. 

Sign Ordinance
View ordinance in PDF format, click here
View ordinance on Municode, click here.  

A sign permit is required for: 

  • Permanent signs such as wall, monument, stanchion, billboard, or lighted signs at or on an establishment
  • Temporary signs such as those that promote a business or event, advertise a vacancy, or provide information on new development at a construction site. The signs must be removed after a set period of time 

Permit Submission:
Sign Permit Application - Temporary
Sign Permit Application – Permanent 

Staff Contacts for any questions.

Submit permits via email to After the submission has been processed, which may take a few days, you will receive an email with a link to online payment. See the Fee Schedule for more information on temporary and permanent sign costs. 

Please provide the following minimum information in the email

  • Subject line of email: Temporary/Permanent Sign Permit and the property address (e.g. Temporary Sign Permit at 3725 Park Avenue)
  • Body of email: Your contact information and a clear description of scope of work
  • Temporary sign required documents: Completed application and site plan showing the location of the proposed sign
  • Permanent sign required documents:
    • Completed application
    • Copy of current Occupational Tax Certificate (OTC)
    • OTCs for the sign contractor and sign electrician
    • Elevation drawings of type of sign to be erected, its dimensions, and details on how it is to be mounted/erected
    • Photographs of wall façade (where signage to be mounted), or location of free-standing signs

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