Multi-Family Inspection Program

Multi-Family Inspection Program
In 2014, the City of Doraville passed an ordinance that requires multi-family rental dwellings of four (4) or more units to be inspected for compliance with adopted codes. The multi-family inspection program is designed to preserve property values, promote economic vitality and crime prevention, and ensure safe, healthy, and clean environments; and promote ongoing investment in upkeep and maintenance.

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Doraville Code Inspection Packet (annual inspections required)
Application for Certified Inspectors to receive Doraville approval

Doraville List of Approved Certified Inspectors - 2020 year

Per Doraville Code of Ordinances Sec. 5-72, properties must be inspected by a Certified Building Inspector, and a Certificate of Compliance certifying the units passing inspection must be submitted annually with the renewal of the required Occupational Tax Certificate.

The first milestone of the program was March 31, 2016, by which date all properties subject to the ordinance must have 100% of their units inspected and in compliance with required standards. For 2015, the exterior and all multifamily rental dwellings/units required inspection and certification.  Every year thereafter, 20% of the exterior and 20% of the dwellings/units must be inspected and certified, provided that all buildings and all dwellings/units are to be inspected, at a minimum, every five years.

All dwellings/units/buildings inspected must be listed individually on the Code Compliance Certificate.

Each owner and certified building inspector is required to keep a written record of all inspections for each unit, including the date of the inspection, items inspected, and all violations, if any, observed.  If the certified building inspector determines that repairs are necessary to comply with the minimum standards, an inspection report listing any observed violations and a renovation plan must be submitted to the City’s chief building official for review and approval.  The building official can grant an extension of up to one year to complete the repairs (a building permit would be required).  However, if life safety issues are involved, no extension will be granted, and any such units may not be leased until brought into compliance.

Inspectors must be certified by the City of Doraville prior to inspecting any multifamily properties.  To become certified, inspectors must submit a copy of their business license and applicable certification for approval and meet with the chief building official.

Failure to comply with the ordinance can result in fines for each unit subject to inspection for each day that compliance has not been met. Additionally, the City can inspect the units at a non-compliant property, if necessary.  If this occurs, the property owner will be responsible for the cost of the inspections, and failure to pay such costs couldresult in a lien being placed on the property.

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