New Peachtree Road Streetscape

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The projected goal of the New Peachtree Road Streetscape (NPRS) is to transform a stretch of New Peachtree Road, running from Stewart Road southbound slightly past the MARTA parking deck, into a more walkable, urban environment. A multitude of key design elements will be integrated into the final plan. This design includes creating better ways to enforce the existing 35 mph speed limit, providing support for the multiple transportation modes (vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle, transit), intensifying strategies to increase walkability, and enhancing the streetscape appeal/accessibility with new streetlights, street trees, and on-street parking.

As part of the project design, portions of the street will narrow, and turn lanes will be added at main intersections to accommodate adequate vehicular traffic flow. The NPRS project will also enhance safety and reduce the potential occurrence of traffic accidents. In addition, the plan will incorporate new sidewalks and bicycle lanes, allowing pedestrians and vehicles to coexist in the same environment.

The Proposed Landscape:

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Click here to view the proposed landscape as a PDF file.

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