Livable Community Code

Livable Community Code

The Livable Community Code (LCC) is a form-based zoning code adopted by the City of Doraville in June 2014. The regulations consist of four transect zones (T-3 - T-6) and contain many urban design site requirements intended to foster a more pedestrian-orient built environment via redevelopment over time.

T-3 and T-4 are primarily residential in character, with some limited commercial activities permitted. T-5 and T-6 allow mixed-uses and taller, denser development patterns.

The LCC code also permit the creation of Special Districts with tailored regulations for specific areas. The regulations have been amended multiple times, and certain areas of the City have been rezoned to Special Districts within the LCC code.

Visit the links below to view the various codes:
The Livable Community Code (LCC)
SD-1: Motors District
SD-2: Carver Hills District
SD-3: Assembly District

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