Land Disturbance / Demolition Permits

Land Disturbance Permit 
A land disturbance permit (LDP) is required if your project includes site development activity such as new construction, building expansion, grading, grubbing, tree removal, driveways, parking areas, water mains, stormwater drainage facilities, and/or demolition work.

Pre-Application Meeting
A pre-application meeting with city staff is required prior to application submission to verify zoning and determine any other applicable code requirements. It is helpful to have a preliminary site plan to facilitate the discussion. The scope of work will determine the type of plan reviews needed.

Austin Shelton
Naomi Siodmok

Minor vs Major LDP:
  • Minor: In general, projects that do not include any work in the right-of-way, have less than one (1) acre of disturbance, and are adding or replacing less than 5,000 square feet of impervious surface.
  • Major: In general, projects that include work in the right-of-way, and/or have more than one (1) acre of disturbance, and/or are adding or replacing more than 5,000 square feet of impervious surface.

Permit Submission
Permits may be submitted online via the permit portal or by email to

Please provide the following information in all submissions via email: 
•    Completed permit application.
•    Permit type requested and address of property in the subject line.
•    A clear description of the scope of work.
•    Your contact information.
•    All required documents.

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